Not just Guard + Board
Strangely satisfying Slide experience!!


World’s 1st ergonomic
Grit separation tool
Experience the joy of
washing your car
with the Mitt Slide!
Mitt Slide is designed to enhance
your car washing experience.
It not only separates the grit from your mitt,
but also glides easily to get rid of dirty particles.

Do you hear your dirty mitt screaming?
Please give your mitt a pleasant ride.
A scratch-free wash will make your car smile
and you will be dancing with your car in your dreams.


A Must have item for safe car wash
  • Dirt and Grit separation

    The anti-backdraft design
    separates grit and dirt
    for safer car wash.
  • Easy Clean Mitt or Pad

    With its double curved shape board,
    you can wash cleaning gear easily and
  • More Water Space

    More water space allows you
    to have easier,
    happier car wash experience.
  • Special GF plastic

    Mitt slide does not float on the water.
    (Insert the mitt slide upside down and
    flip inside of the water.)


Happier and easier car care
experience with a Mitt Slide!

How to Use

Easy and Simple!
  • STEP1

    Insert Mitt Slide upside down
    in a water filled bucket and flip.
  • STEP2

    If the Mitt Slide does
    not fit perfectly,
    just rotate it to find a perfect spot
    to fixate the Mitt Slide.
  • STEP3

    Slide down your wash mitt or
    pad slowly on Mitt Slide to clean it.
※ Mitt Slide is designed for 14~16L buckets.

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